Estate planning was a new concept for me, so I really didn’t know what to except. During my free consultation with T&E they really took the time to explain what it was, and how it would benefit me. Since then, they have helped me to plan my estate, and my future, so I’m ready for whatever comes my way. Thank you Trusts & Estate!

- Lisa Merriweather

Everyone here is very friendly and helpful. I already had an estate plan in place when I made my first appointment, and just needed to have it updated. They were very efficient, and their attention to detail made me confident that everything was being handled correctly.

- Mike Jacobs

I couldn’t be happier with the services you provided. You were patient with me, answered all my questions, and really gave me the guidance I needed to take care of everything. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

- Pamela Tyler

Thank you for your help with my estate planning. Thanks to your advice, I now have everything in place to ensure my child is taken care of even after I’m gone. This gives me great peace of mind.

- John Mitchell

I never thought getting my business started could be so easy. Thanks for all your help along the way, and making sure everything was handled correctly so I’m positioned to grow and expand in the future.

- Henry White

What a great company. I never thought I would be happy to work with a lawyer, but you really made me feel like I was being well-taken care of. I’m very satisfied with how everything went, and would be happy to work with you again.

- Maggie Thomas