Estate Planning in Long Island

Estate Planning as a DIY Challenge

Do(n’t)-It-Yourself – The Case Against DIY Estate Planning The advent of Pinterest and shows like Home Improvement has given the term “Do-it-Yourself” a plenteous boost. The popularity is trendy to the point of making several YouTubers and social media persons millionaires. How? They just have to be consistent with various DIY niches in fun, quirky…

Defining a trust in Estate Planning

What is a Trust?

Going Back to the Basics—What is a Trust? When we’re children, we look up to adults as a repository of knowledge. We listen to them because we think they know what they are doing. And we believe that one day something will click, and we will be as self-assured as all those adults around us.…

Estate Planning Advice for Same-Sex Couples

Advice for Same-Sex Couples

Estate Planning Advice for Same-Sex Couples in the Bronx When the revolutionary designer Gianni Versace died with a gunshot wound, his live-in partner was not given any part in his state. Everything Versace owned, including his brand name, was passed down to his blood relatives, and his domestic companion got nothing out of his rightful…

A will attorney in the Estate Planning

What Is A Will?

Going Back To The Basics – What Is A Will? The best estate planning tip in Manhattan that you can get is to create a last will and testament before it is too late. As one of the most important building blocks of an estate plan, this document can ensure your legacy is passed onto…