Incapacity planning

Incapacity Planning

Incapacity Planning: The Concept and Required Documents Estate planning in Staten Island is, undoubtedly, a tool enabling you to make serious life decisions. It allows you to look after the people you hold dear even when you’re not here. As grim as it may sound, it’s a task that needs to be checked off from…

How to fund a trust

Funding Your Trust

Funding Your Trust – What Is It And How To Do It? Simple life decisions such as ordering food and choosing an outfit for an event are one and done decisions. You make the purchase and then consume the product in whatever capacity. You don’t necessarily have to go back and make changes/additions to keep…

Queens Probate Lawyer

Lawyer can Assist You Through Probate

Top Seven Ways a Queens Probate Lawyer can Help You Work Through the Complex Probate Process No one typically sits around thinking or talking about wills, death, or probate. But eventually, these matters will need to be discussed especially between family members. The best thing about hiring a Probate Attorney in Queens, is not having…