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Estate Planning Makes Your Life Easier

The moment you start owning assets, you need a strategy to protect them. Remember that your family is looking upon these assets to help them survive when you are long gone – you need to give them this privilege.

Working with an asset protection attorney helps you come up with the perfect strategy to protect your assets in Long Island. Let us look at how we do this, and where you come in.

We Help You come up with a Trust

This is one of the most reliable tools you have to protect your assets. Putting the assets in the right kind of trust prevent creditors or any other legal opponents from attaching the property when you are gone.

We have seen many lawsuits in Long Island, and we understand the need to protect your assets today. However, it is just right that you invest in the proper structure to handle your assets.

Talk to us today to establish a trust and fund it. A qualified asset protection attorney will take you right from step one till the time when the trust is fully operational.

We Help You Separate Your Asset Categories

Many of our clients make the mistake of putting their personal and business assets in one entity. When things go south, they realize that they have put their personal assets in jeopardy.

We usually advise our clients on how to separate the assets the right way. You can decide to separate the private from commercial assets or separate your assets from those owned by another person, such as your wife.

We aim to make sure that when your business is sued, your personal assets are safe from litigation. Call us today to understand more about this concept.

We Help You Understand Retirement Accounts and Their Role in Asset Protection

We have been with clients that don’t know what their 401(k) account does or how to use it to their benefits. In Long Island, there are a few conditions to meet to make your individual retirement account enjoys protection under the federal government.

The IRA is a complex topic for many people, and this is where we come in. Our asset protection attorney has in-depth knowledge of retirement accounts and how to use them to your benefits.

We Determine How Home Equity Benefits You

The value of your home less any loans that you have taken out is called home equity. New York, as a state, offers you some protection when you have this form of equity.

For instance, when you have a significant homestead exemption, then you might want to contribute more to your mortgage premiums.

Did you know that the way your home is titled will determine the attempt of a creditor to seize it when you make a mistake? Talk to us today to understand what your home ownership means and what implications it has to potential repossession.

We are Here for You; Anytime You Need Us

You should never assume that you are immune from lawsuits. What you need to do instead is to talk to us to start your asset protection strategy early enough.