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When It Comes to Estate Planning, We Got Your Back!

Estate planning is a serious business that needs the help of a skilled attorney. A wrong word and you will alter the aim of the will or trust.
We have been handling estate plans for clients in Queens and beyond for the past few years. The experience we have can guarantee you a comprehensive estate plan for your needs.

State Laws Dictate Estate Plans

The law in New York specifies what should be included and what should be left out of the will, power of attorney (POA), trust, or healthcare directive. It also dictates who can act as a witness and who cannot, and the formalities that you must follow when coming up with a POA.
You don’t have the time to go through the law to understand all the aspects, all you need to do is work with us to get the best estate planning Queens has to offer because we are knowledgeable about these laws.

Buyer Beware!

We have seen a spurt in online forms for making wills and trusts the easy way. We emphasize “easy” because they end up making the process of creating lawsuits against you easy as well.
You might feel that we charge a lot to come up with these documents, but the DIY route ends up being expensive on the people that you love later on. Additionally, the amount is justifiable because you end up with one of the best comprehensive estate planning Queens has to give.
Imagine creating a will online only for your family to learn that a part or the entire document is invalid or can’t work as expected. Your family ends up spending thousands of dollars trying to repair errors.
We understand that the economy isn’t right, and help you get a balance so that you have an affordable payment plan.

We Help to Resolve Complex Financial or Domestic Situations

When you have one wife and your properties are all located in the state, the process of is easy. On the other hand, if you remarry, own more than one business, have out-of-state estates, have a special needs kid, or a minor in the family, things get complicated.
If you are in a complicated situation, you need us to assess it and come up with a plan tailored to your situation. Otherwise, you might end up surrendering a large part of the estate to the IRS.

We Give You a Fixed Price

Before starting on the estate planning Queens accepts, make sure you understand the payment terms. We give you different payment arrangements to choose from, with many clients preferring the fixed price.
The flat fee makes sure that you won’t expect any surprise fees because you know what the cost is beforehand. You can budget for everything, which makes accountability easier for you.

Choose Us for All Your Estate Planning Needs

We have the experience necessary to make the estate plan work for you. Take time to come to our offices so that we can explain in length how we work and the benefits you enjoy. We have departments to handle different issues, which makes the entire process faster.