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Update Your Will When Necessary, or Periodically for Maximum Benefits

When you draft a will for the first time, you always think you are done with it, and you will never see it again. Well, sorry, because it is highly likely that you will soon be back, editing it.

Your will is vital to your succession, this is why you must work with the best last will and testament attorney Queens can boast of. We have seen many of our clients come in for a change of their will.

Many situations will need you to update the will.

When you decide to review and change your will, you need proper legal guidance. This is because this is a legally-binding document that you need to handle appropriately. Any mistake and the will grants the property to someone else.
Let us look at the different times when you need to change the will, and where we come in.


When you marry, it is typical to include your new spouse in the will. If you have an existing will, then it is all about editing it and updating it with the information.

You might also want to update the will to reflect what you wish to give the step kids. Stepchildren don’t have inheritance rights as per the law in Queens, but a clause in your will can allow them to inherit property.

However, if you don’t have one, this is the right time to update it. Call us today to talk to one of the most competent last will and testament attorney Queens has, and if it needs you to come to our law offices, then we can schedule a meeting for this effect.


Separation and divorce are the top reasons why you should update the will. Remember that you now have an ex-spouse and they might be in your will. You need to edit the document to reflect the latest decisions that you have made.

Failure to update the will means your ex-spouse still inherits your assets when you pass away. So, call us today to start the process of updating your will the right way to reflect any changes.

An Addition to the Family

Always update the will when you adopt a child or when you give birth to one. The need to update this document is in such a way that you desire your child to get a percentage of the estate. Additionally, this gives you the chance to name a guardian to the child.

A Change of Heart

If you decide to add a new heir or opt to remove one, you need a new will. Make sure you have a valid reason to delete them; otherwise the document can be contested in court upon your demise.

Change in Asset Value

The value of the asset usually dictates how much you give to each beneficiary. If the value changes, then it is just right that you capture this in the will.
We can refer you to a valuation expert to give you the accurate estimate of an asset.

Where there is a Will, There is a Way

We always call our clients to inform them of changes in the law regarding wills. We also make calls to ask them to update the will, especially when they last did it a long time ago. Call us today and schedule for a meeting with the finest last will and testament attorney Queens boast of.