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Special Needs Trusts Don’t have to be a Nightmare Anymore

Handling people with special needs comes with a lot of emotions from concerned parents. The legal concerns that these families face are often complicated and many. The decisions that you make concerning the beneficiary dictates their life after you are gone.

One of the decisions that determine how your child lives is choosing the best special needs trust attorney. The right choice makes a big difference in the life of the child; the wrong choice might lead to adverse consequences.

Long Term Economic Security

Special needs planning involves a wide variety of issues. The primary concern is long term financial security for your loved one. You wish to see the child live a life that you want, even when you are gone. However, you can only communicate your desires through a special needs trust.

The trust communicates your desires, ranging from the way you want the money to be used to how much you want the person to receive.

The role of the special needs trust attorney, in this case, is to come up with a trust without affecting the special benefits from the government. The lawyer also handles estate planning when you wish to make a gift to an individual.

Power of Attorney

When you have a disabled child, you make all decisions on their behalf. However, when you are gone, someone has to step into your shoes. This person is called a power of attorney.

If the person attains the legal age, they will need assistance with some issues, both financial and medical. You need to assign someone to do this. The person you choose needs to have extensive knowledge in long term care, special education, and employment.

Laws are Evolving Fast

The rules keep on being modified according to the times. The laws that govern special needs planning are changing, and you need to stay abreast with these changes. Most of the changes relate to the policy, eligibility for government assistance, and more.

These laws need to be monitored and communicated to you as and when they occur. General practice lawyers might be qualified to do the planning, but you need skilled lawyers to interpret the law and come up with the right trust for your beneficiary.

We are always looking out for changes in the law so that we communicate as necessary. Failure to do this can make your trust invalid, something that we don’t want to happen.

How Do You Know We Are Legit?

If you are in the Queens area, ask about us. We have built a reputation over the years, and we are confident you will get the right information when you ask.
Secondly, check out our website. We have written and published information on special needs cases and some of this information applies to you.

Come for a Consultation

You must come for a face to face interview with an experienced special needs trust attorney. We listen to you and come up with a tailored trust for your case.