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Trusts and Estate Lawyers Make Your Life a Breeze

Your estate is all you have to make sure your legacy lives on when you are long gone. It also makes sure that your family can live comfortably when you aren’t there to look after them.

But we have seen estates that have gone down the drain just because the owner didn’t take the right steps to come up with an estate plan. As a top trusts and estates attorney Queens believes in, I understand what you need to do and when to do it to make sure your legacy doesn’t go down the drain.

So, why should you enlist our services?

Our Focus is Trust and Estate Planning

When looking for a lawyer, it is always good to work with one that understands the task at hand. We have handled both simple and complicated situations for thousands of clients, and while your case might be unique, we have the experience to handle it the right way.

Our focus is on trust and estate planning, which means that we shall come up with the right decisions to make your issue more manageable.

Our Many Years of Experience

Ten years practicing law in New York isn’t a short time. Over this period, we have learned the best and worst strategies to handle the situations that our clients approach us with. The trusts and estates attorney Queens relies on comes laden with specialized experience.

The documents we use – wills, powers of attorney and trusts have been tweaked over time to suit the needs of clients in Queens. This means that the documents that we create for you are valid and work the way you want them to.

Skills in Trust Funding

We have had clients approaching us with this problem – a lawyer came up with an estate plan but never funded the trust.

Remember that the trust documents are void if they aren’t funded properly. We don’t take chances with your assets, and we put a lot of emphasis on making sure our procedures are complete before we allow you to apply them.

We have a department that is specifically tasked with funding living trusts, meaning that we won’t skip any step when it comes to your tasks. If you want to do it on your own, we provide detailed instructions to make sure you don’t go wrong.

Constant Review

We are not a one-time transaction type of lawyers. Our committed trusts and estates attorney Queens recognizes shall make sure he drafts a comprehensive plan for you. Still, we shall contact you periodically to inform you of changes in the law, explain any new strategies that we have come up with, ask you about situations that have come up over time, and then guide you on modification of the documents.

We have a formal review and maintenance program that makes sure the plan is up to date.

Chances Wasted Can Turn Out to Be Expensive

Do you know that the chances you take now might be the ones that protect your assets in the future? We have all the information you need as well as the strategies; all you need is to call us and schedule a meeting.