In the articles section you can find blogs that discuss all areas of Estate Planning. By going to the articles section and reading some of the blogs you are able to better educate yourself on the different products and concepts of estate planning.

Estate Planning includes:

  1. Planning for pass through of assets upon death,
  2. Planning for minors (Setting up guardianship designations or special needs trusts),
  3. Utilizing tax mitigation strategies (for example the current gift tax exemption),
  4. Creating a form of asset protection (from creditors and predators or as a form of marital asset protection),
  5. Setting up healthcare proxies ( giving someone your trust the ability to make healthcare decisions for you in the event you are unable to do it for yourself),
  6. Setting up Power of Attorney (enabling someone to make executive decisions regarding your assets and finances in the event you are unable to and it is necessary),
  7. Medicaid or Retirement Planning (Divesting yourself of assets to qualify for Medicaid or Government subsidies),
  8. End of life planning using living will or last directive (Indicating burial requests and tube feeding or resuscitation in the event it is necessary).

In the articles section we have gone ahead to make it easier for you to find the topic of interest by creating subcategories. Our goal is to make it simple and easy for people to come to our website in order to educate themselves about the different types of trusts for example Revocable Trusts and Irrevocable Trusts or Special Needs Trusts and Supplemental Needs Trusts.

In the articles section you will find the following subcategories:

Estate Planning

In this section you can find a broad stroke of articles/blogs covering all topics related to creating and understanding an estate plan.

Asset Protection

A very common concern for people with families or high risk professions for example doctors, lawyers, policemen, firemen, accountants and so on. Newlyweds seeking marital protection and people with large cash liquidity might also be worried about their exposure and seek asset Protection.

Elder Law

At some point in our lives we are done working and are ready to retire and want to know the best practices for retiring. Here you can learn about pass through of assets, divesting of assets and planning for your final days.

Estate Tax

Here you can learn about tax mitigation strategies.


Here you can learn about assigning guardianship for minors or assuming guardianship over a loved one who is mentally handicapped.

Living Trust

Everyone wants to plan for events while they are alive and not just after death learn more here.


What happens when someone dies or passes away with a Will.

Revocable Trust

Flexibility when it comes to planning.


The different types or forms of trusts and their uses.

Medicaid Trust

Planning for Medicaid and Retirement.

Special Needs Trust

Planning for people with disabilities.


Planning for pass-through of assets.

Will and Trust

Different uses of having both documents a Will and some form of Trust.

If you are shopping around or look for ways to vet an Estate planning Attorney/Lawyer and wish to better educate yourself on the topic the articles section is for you.

The Troubled Heir and Estate Planning

The Troubled Heir and Estate Planning

Children. The moment you receive your bundle of joy, your aim is to guard the child from anything that puts them at risk. We also seek to ensure our kids are ok long after we are gone. But not all children are responsible with money. Many kids grow up to become irresponsible with the wealth…

The Three Special Needs Trusts

The Three Special Needs Trusts

Every parent wants to set their child up for success, even after their gone. Special needs children offer a unique perspective on a variety of things. Families must take careful consideration when estate planning to offer the greatest number of benefits to the child. Below is a brief overview of three of the most common…

The Tale of the Missing Beneficiary

The Tale of the Missing Beneficiary

You have been assigned the role of an estate executor, and then after the probate is done, you realize that one of the beneficiaries cannot be found. What do you do? Well, as an executor of the estate, you have the task of making sure all beneficiaries get their portion as expected. This is made…

Tips for Successful Estate Liquidation

Tips for Successful Estate Liquidation

As an executor, times come when you have to sell the property that has been left behind for beneficiaries. One of the most common directives that executors come across is to sell the property and share the proceeds equally among the beneficiaries. You can talk to the estate planning lawyer to interpret the will for…

Ranch Estate Planning Mistakes

Ranch Estate Planning Mistakes

As a rancher, you need to have a comprehensive estate plan that includes a medical directive, power of attorney and a trust. The plan needs to make sure you have an estate plan that covers all the property that you own. Having a detailed estate plan makes sure that you save your family time and…