Top Signs Your Estate Planning Lawyer is Incompetent

Top Signs Your Estate Planning Lawyer is Incompetent

If you are have an estate planning case in court and you need representation, then you ought to work with a qualified lawyer that understands your needs.

If the attorney doesn’t offer competent legal representation when you need it, then your case might go down the drain.

Many people end up regarding all lawyers to be incompetent just because they ran into one that didn’t know what to do.

When you have a situation that needs a legal mind, you need to have someone that you can trust with your information and your money.

Today we look at the signs that tell you that your lawyer might not be what you through he is.

  • Lack of Communication

    Is it taking too long for your attorney to get back to you with the right information? If yes, then you are working with someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

    Before you jump ship totally, consider if you aren’t getting any message totally, or if there is some communication but not enough.

    Many lawyers use digital messaging tools to talk to you – email, text or social media. The aspect of phone calls has been taken over by time.

    When you approach the lawyer, you need to ask him what modes of communication they use, and then ask about the frequency of communication so that you don’t end up being surprised.

    If this problem persists, even when you have raised a complaint, then it is time to move on.

  • Poor Rapport

    Many people go to the attorney expecting them to ask some questions about their estate and what plans they have. However, this depends upon the level of comfort you have with the attorney. If, of instance, the attorney doesn’t ask you any questions or they ask only a few and then conclude the meeting, get ready for a long ride.

    You ought to work with an attorney that makes you feel secure at all times. He ought to understand the case well enough to make you feel like a winner.

  • Immoral Behavior

    This is one of the worst sign that tells you the attorney isn’t worth your task anymore. If your attorney advices you to fabricate lies or commit an offence, pack your bags and move on to someone with better principles.

    If you lie in your estate plan, the case might become unmanageable, and you will end up in more problems than before. Additionally, when you cheat you expose your beneficiaries to problems.

    So, if you notice that your attorney asks you to tell a lie, then it is time to look for another one to handle your estate plan.

  • Lacks Decisiveness

    Right from the beginning, the lawyer needs to come up with a plan that you will follow to come up with the best plan ever. If the lawyer isn’t conversant with anything, they request for more tile to research and come up with the solution instead of putting you off.

    If the legal expert wants to charge you yet he has no strategy, then you are looking at incompetency. Every time you meet with your attorney or talk to him, they need to have information on what should be the next step.

  • Lack of a Clear Billing Plan

    One of the biggest controversies surrounding lawyers is the billing plan that they adopt. You need to be careful when paying for legal services.

    First, if the lawyer accepts very little money, then you need to be suspicions of their intentions. Don’t compromise your estate plan over some cheap service that won’t add value to your goals.

    If, on the other hand the lawyer is out to exploit your naivety, then take a step back and research on what other people have paid for the same services.
    When working with an attorney, you will get periodic bills and reports from him showing what you need to pay. Be careful to examine all these bills and reports. If you notice a bill that doesn’t add up, or one that isn’t correct then you need to ask the attorney. Failure to clarify it will be a red flag.

  • Now You Know

    As you can see, not all the lawyers have your plan at heart. They do their work with money in mind rather than service delivery. Make sure you observe how the attorney behaves when with him, so that you opt for a better one when the time is still ripe.