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5 Mistakes a Queens Probate Lawyer

5 Mistakes Commonly Made During the Probate Process The process of going through the probate courts can raise a lot of questions in families. A lot of these questions revolve around the fiduciary. A Queens probate lawyer can help answer many of the common questions. Maybe you’ve wondered when the fiduciary is supposed to get…

Delaying estate planning in Brooklyn

Best Estate Planning in Brooklyn

Avoiding the Inevitable – Reasons People Delay Estate Planning Human beings, for the most part, love their lives. We plan and keep planning for all the big milestones to come ahead. When we’re younger, our plans for the future consist of planning school dances, where we’ll go to college, and the people we’ll meet and…

Probate Lawyer Long Island

Long Island Probate Lawyer

How a Living Trust can Help You Avoid Probate The term, “probate” is scary for many people. They immediately think of courts taking away property or other horror stories that have been misinterpreted over time. The simple definition of probate is the legal process courts use to confirm a Last Will is valid, settle the…

I Need a New York Probate Lawyer

New York Probate Lawyer

Why do I Need to Hire a New York Probate Lawyer? When you act as the executor for a loved one’s estate, you can feel overwhelmed. It is a daunting task for most people both logistically and emotionally. To begin with, the distribution of a loved one’s estate entails going through every single item. Why…

Special Needs Trust Brooklyn

Special Needs Trust

ABOUT SPECIAL NEEDS TRUSTS ATTORNEYS IN BROOKLYN A trust is a relationship where a property is managed by a person for another person’s benefits. The person who is managing the property is called the trustee whereas the person who receives the benefits is called the beneficiary. There are different types of trusts. One type of…

Estate Planning in Long Island

Estate Planning as a DIY Challenge

Do(n’t)-It-Yourself – The Case Against DIY Estate Planning The advent of Pinterest and shows like Home Improvement has given the term “Do-it-Yourself” a plenteous boost. The popularity is trendy to the point of making several YouTubers and social media persons millionaires. How? They just have to be consistent with various DIY niches in fun, quirky…