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Going Back to the Basics: Everything You Need to Know About Medicaid Irrevocable Trusts

We receive a lot of questions related to Medicaid and irrevocable trusts. Families usually reach us in order to receive guidance when their loved ones receive an unpleasant diagnosis, or they get admitted into an old age home. Under such circumstances, people start gaining knowledge and understanding about estate planning processes in order to protect…

Understanding the basics of creating a living t rust in Queens

The Fundamentals of Estate Planning: How Do Living Revocable Trusts Work?

A living revocable trust helps individuals avoid probate, and the hassles and expenses that come with it. It also allows individuals to keep their estate private, so that it is only available to their immediate family in case of their demise. This legalized document enables you to appoint a trustee who is responsible for holding…

Special needs trust

Administering a Special Needs Trust in Long Island? Here are the Considerations

In 1993, a monumental change was made by the United States Congress, affecting the landscape of estate planning. It was in that year when Congress granted special needs trusts a legal status. This allowed parents, family, and other interested parties invest in the well-being of a person with disabilities. As defined in Section 7-1.12 in…