Estate planning myths

Myths about Estate Planning with Reason

Debunking Lies – 6 Myths about Estate Planning Busted Currently, more than 60 percent of American adults are cruising through life without an estate plan. The reason behind this varies from person to person, but it’s not too hard to understand why people procrastinate or avoid settling their affairs. The thought of not being on…

Reasons You Need to Contact a Long Island Probate Lawyer

Contact a Long Island Probate Lawyer

What Kinds of Circumstances Warrant the Help of a Long Island Probate Lawyer? If you talk to just about anyone who’s been through the process of probating, they will tell you how stressful it can be. There are so many appointments to keep, documents to be filled out and signed, and new legal jargon for…

Brooklyn Probate Lawyer

Probate Lawyer Brooklyn

Ways a Probate Attorney can Help an Executor Choosing whether or not to hire a Brooklyn probate lawyer can be a difficult decision if you’ve been made the executor of an estate. Even if they don’t want legal assistance at the first, eventually, many decide to hire an experienced attorney in Brooklyn to help them…

Queens Probate Lawyer

5 Mistakes a Queens Probate Lawyer

5 Mistakes Commonly Made During the Probate Process The process of going through the probate courts can raise a lot of questions in families. A lot of these questions revolve around the fiduciary. A Queens probate lawyer can help answer many of the common questions. Maybe you’ve wondered when the fiduciary is supposed to get…

Delaying estate planning in Brooklyn

Best Estate Planning in Brooklyn

Avoiding the Inevitable – Reasons People Delay Estate Planning Human beings, for the most part, love their lives. We plan and keep planning for all the big milestones to come ahead. When we’re younger, our plans for the future consist of planning school dances, where we’ll go to college, and the people we’ll meet and…

Probate Lawyer Long Island

Long Island Probate Lawyer

How a Living Trust can Help You Avoid Probate The term, “probate” is scary for many people. They immediately think of courts taking away property or other horror stories that have been misinterpreted over time. The simple definition of probate is the legal process courts use to confirm a Last Will is valid, settle the…