Medicaid Trust

Busting Misconceptions – A Deeper Look into the Myths of Medicaid Planning

Disability and incapacity are, for the most part, unforeseen incidences. There is no one in all the five boroughs in New York who knows with certainty that they will be incapacitated in the future. Catering for long-term care needs and nursing home costs can be quite expensive for some people.In the United States, Medicaid is…

Will attorney Long Island

Why You Need a Will Attorney in Long Island to Draft your last Will and Testament

“The trouble with the law is lawyers.” “The Sophisticated Country Lawyer” Clarence Darrow was among some of the most notable lawyers of the 20th Century. Besides being involved in some of the most monumental cases, Darrow’s natural eloquence made him a prominent attorney and civil libertarian. The quote above comes from him. With all his…